Crab, Lobster and Corn Chowder

August 06 , 2015 by Hong - in Food

Although we are smack in the middle of  summer here in Seattle I had a little hankering from some crab and lobster soup. To say that this has been the summer of crab is an understatement. Over Independence day weekend my family and I had our annual Hood Canal gathering and we were very lucky […]


Wedding Styles

July 22 , 2015 by Hong - in Weddings

This past weekend I had the opportunity to help a friend style a wedding. The location was perfection. For as long as I’ve lived in the PNW I’m always still in awe of its beauty. The Kiana Lodge was the perfect backdrop for such an intimate wedding. The bride and groom had their closest friends […]

Mango Sticky Rice

April 30 , 2015 by Hong - in Food

Confession: we do Thai take out at least once a week, especially during the summer season when mangoes are abundantly available. And the reason? Mango sticky rice…..ahhhhh. I can seriously eat this every day. Make sure you use “Manila” mangoes. These are much sweeter and have a golden skin. My little yogurt jars I lugged […]

Gruyere Gougere Sliders

April 26 , 2015 by Hong - in Food

Remember when I made those choquettes a couple weeks ago? Well I had the bright idea of setting aside a little bit of that batter and added some gruyere cheese. Ya, I know. Oh. So. Good. Oh but wait…there’s more! I then proceeded to make mini BLT’s! and tuna fish sliders! and meatball sliders! To […]

Sugar Cane Shrimp

Sugar Cane Shrimp (Chao Tom)

April 24 , 2015 by Hong - in Food

One of my favorite things to eat when I’m at any Vietnamese restaurant is vermicelli rice noodles. It’s typically served with egg rolls, grilled chicken or pork and if you’re lucky sugar cane shrimp. Similar to egg rolls, they are actually an easy and forgiving recipe, yet a little labor intensive. I’ve always been a […]


Happy Earth Day

April 22 , 2015 by Hong - in Inspiration

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d give you a visual tour of the earth around me….  Lemon balm making a reappearance in the herb garden. Hellebores Moss over rockery. Hostas peeking through. And assorted fungi growing in such beautiful patterns… Happy Earth Day


April 10 , 2015 by Hong - in Food

Have you heard of chouqettes? They’re a french treat made of the same batter as cream puffs. The difference being that there is no filling and they’re topped with a bunch of pearl sugar. YUM! The key is to make sure you use pearl sugar as they can withstand higher temperatures and you don’t want […]

Flourless Chocolate Cake

April 08 , 2015 by Hong - in Food

One of my most favorite things in the world is chocolate cake. I came across this recipe about a year ago and have attempted it a few times. The first time I failed miserably as I didn’t use a spring form pan. This time it came out imperfectly perfect. I was saving my Belgian chocolates […]

Easter Cake

April 07 , 2015 by Hong - in Holiday, Weekend

Did you have a nice Easter celebration? Here are some photos from my weekend. We had a little celebration in our backyard, starting with firing up the grill and then an egg hunt for the wee ones. I baked this coconut cake and topped it off with the sweetest bunny. And of course my favorite […]

In honor of the 126th Birthday of the Eiffel Tower yesterday, I thought I would share some of my best places in Paris to view this beauty. The 2nd floor of the Louvre from the Richelieu wing. From the Dome of Sacre Coeur. Keep in mind it is a climb of 300 steps but absolutely […]

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