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September 29 , 2010 by: dartanyon Birthdays

Around here we consider birthdays to be pretty special. So special that we celebrate for an entire week! Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that we offer up extravagant parties and presents for an entire week. It just means that we allow this person to reap the little moments that make life so pleasurable for an entire week. The week usually comprises of special favorites and wishful commands. We consider guilty pleasures as presents and allow for full indulgence during this special week.

Most of these edible favorites are from Bakery Nouveau, located in the heart of West Seattle. The BLT is a wonderful favorite and makes sharing a little difficult. Or you can start with the Pistachio Fig Tartlet and chase it with a couple of the french macaroons and  a deliciously rich brownie wrapped in purple foil that makes you feel like the Apostol Peter has just opened up the gates of Heaven for you.

Our Birthday Peep will certainly be taking full advantage of Birthday Week, as he rightly should. After all it’s a celebration of one’s life and contributions to this world. We think that’s a pretty big ordeal and we do as the Birthday Peep requests since one of the other advantages of Birthday Week is having the Sheriff’s Badge.

So remember to celebrate those Birthdays BIG and small as this is our way of saying thank you for BEING You.


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  • Happy ❤️.
  • You learned to tie your shoes with only one hand. You learned to walk with only one leg. You learned to grow when your spine was fused. You learned to spread your wings when you were told you would be limited. And through all this I had to sit back and watch you, wanting to catch you. You taught me so much more than I taught you. And I’ll always continue to walk in your shadow as your support. Happy Birthday my baby boy. I am so proud of you. ❤️
  • Never underestimate the power of nature, conversation, laughter, and friendship. This weekend was the equivalent of 5 years of therapy.

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