Jen + Kevin: A romantic garden celebration

September 28 , 2010 by: dartanyon Weddings

Imagine planning a wedding in less than three months! This is Jen and Kevin, and with the support of their friends and family they were able to create a beautiful day in no less than three months time. This was truly DIY at it’s finest. The bride’s ever so casual attitude came in particularly handy as they found their invitations, venue, and attire within three weeks of their engagement. The flowers, centerpieces and cake were all purchased from a local grocery store the week of the wedding. All hands were on deck the day of as family and friends arrived early to help set for the reception.

The venue located at the McLean House in West Linn, Oregon is just thirty minutes south of Portland. The intimate gathering of close friends and family created a casual affair that allowed for toddlers to run around freely and adults to smile and laugh in delight as the couple nervously giggled through their vows.

This celebration was truly an example of keeping things simple and allowing for the celebration itself to take center stage. Although all the details were nailed and the guests attended to, the couple did not allow for the moment to become bigger than they are. Laughter, fun, food, friends, family, music, and spirits. What more does a celebration need?


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