Lisa + Cody: Rockin’ Chic

December 06 , 2010 by: Hong Weddings

Here at SeasonsForCake, we love not only attending but mostly photographing weddings that are an extension of a young couples personality. This was indeed the case with Lisa + Cody. What would one expect from a guitarist of the refreshing  Seattle band, The Young Evils and his equally vibrant bride?

How about a venue that is located in quaint industrial area and was a garage warehouse in a former life. The Georgetown Ballroom, with it’s historic brick walls was the perfect venue for the couple to not only exchange their devout love and commitment to each other but also provided ample space for a celebration reserved only for rock stars. Guests feasted on authentic Thai food catered from the bride’s favorite mobile Thai Truck, Kaosomai, then washed it all down with the most sophisticated and decadent miniature cupcakes from New York Cupcakes. With a guest list that ranged from some of the most eclectic people in Seattle to the most down to earth, it’s no wonder this young couple delivered on such a lively and magnificent celebration! And even in doing so, Lisa + Cody managed to allow the sanctity of the occasion outweigh the rocking good time. So we raise a glass to the newlyweds who understand that extending a part of who you are into the celebration of the moment is truly what makes it special. Congratulations Lisa + Cody!


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