Fresh Flowers Friday: DIY Wedding Flowers

January 07 , 2011 by: Hong DIY, Flowers

We believe that any event can be made to feel beautiful and decadent with the proper planning, patience and execution. When it comes to weddings, especially destination weddings all the details can add up to years of debt! One of those details being flowers. Bridal bouquet, boutinerres, center pieces, corsages, aisle petals, so forth and so forth!

What we recommend is a visit to the local grocery store and let the flowers do the talking! Below is what we started off with: spending no more than $10 on the flowers and $3 on the supplies:

While deciding which flowers to purchase, we had the theme of a tropical destination wedding in mind. Although carnations are not local to the tropics, the beautiful light magenta hue gave off an exotic feel. It was also an experiment of how we can utilize some really inexpensive flowers and make them absolutely breathtaking!

After 30 minutes of a little imagination and a lot of confidence we came up with several boutinerres and one gorgeous bridal bouquet!

So keep in mind that your dream wedding doesn’t have to mean spending the rest of your life paying for it. Just keep it simple, make sure to allow yourself the proper time to plan, exercise patience, and at the end of the day, your guests will remember the smiling faces and not the color of the bouquet from that day!


  • Great idea and a super sanity saver!

  • So pretty! Such a good tip and still looks so professional and expensive!

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