Victoria BC: Feeling Royal

January 04 , 2011 by: Hong Places

Like many others around the world, we recently celebrated the joyous occasion of a New Year. The only difference is that we made a whole weekend of it! Around here our motto has always been celebrate all occasions and make sure you prolong the event for as long as possible!  Our occasion: Celebrating all the bounties of 2010 and openly embracing 2011. Our destination: Victoria BC.

The Fairmont Empress, was our hotel of choice. It is also within walking distance of the terminal for the Victoria Clipper, a 2-hour ferry ride from Seattle.

The Fairmont Empress, with it’s historical architecture and regal presence is located in the heart of Victoria. It will take you back to a period of rich British ambiance and surround you with a grand sense of royalty. This would be a great venue for any celebration as it offer’s many indulgences such as the luxurious Willow Stream Spa and Afternoon Tea. We can certainly give you first hand recommendations for both!

The grandest of traditions provided us with a vehicle to bring out our inner princess and princes. Not only was the tea selection overly abundant and complex but the accompanying pastries were almost too beautiful to touch!

The experience brought many smiles as we were able to take a moment  to  sit down for a couple of hours, enjoy some great company and do what the British do…drink deliciously good tea!

We found that although our impromptu trip was a wonderful respite, it is after all the company in which you are with that makes the celebration that much more enjoyable! So if you are looking for a venue to celebrate the most monumental moments in life, remember it’s the people that makes the celebration and not the location, although sometimes it provides a great playground!


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