Weekend Getaway: Rolling Huts Part Two

April 26 , 2011 by: Hong Places

With such a scenic backdrop as our playground, we thought this would be a great opportunity for one of those epic hikes we’ve often talked about but have yet to follow through on. Dartanyon, always wanting to humor me, was fully prepared with his gaitors and hiking poles, minus the snowshoes. I snickered and thought my wool socks and waterproof boots were enough for a spring hike. We were quite surprised to find out that the trail was hidden under six feet of snow! We debated on whether or not to continue with our plans and thought it would be a great exercise in either strengthening or damaging our relationship. With the bright sun and 65 degree weather, the snow was slowly softening and we found that every few steps we took, we would fall in waist deep. We knew there was to be a beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail, but at a certain point we couldn’t figure out where the trail continued. This was going to be a great resting spot and allowed us and opportunity to snack on a delicious lunch. After lunch, we made the decision to head back, as we didn’t want to formally meet any member of the search and rescue team. On our way back we couldn’t help but to laugh at how ungraceful we must have looked falling in the snow with every step.  At one point I found myself with my face planted in the snow, feet as wet as can be and laughing so hysterically, I thought I was going to cause an avalanche. But of course I couldn’t leave without making a snow angel! We headed back late in the afternoon and celebrated our “epic” hike. For dinner that evening, we sat in front of our hut and again watched the sunset over the Cascades. It was a gorgeous end to a relaxing weekend. We had a wonderful time and have already planned our next weekend getaway!


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