Bridal Shower: Garden Party

July 27 , 2011 by: Hong Weddings

A couple months ago I photographed my sister’s engagement photos, and this past weekend I hosted her bridal shower. Oh how time flies when you’re planning a wedding! Thuha’s wedding theme colors are Red, White, Pink, and Black; this made it so easy as all I had to do was think Valentine’s Day!

We couldn’t have hoped for a better day, since brunch was held outside in my backyard and I had no contingency plan. We were extremely lucky since we had miserable weather in Seattle the previous two days.

The Brunch menu consisted of quiche, bacon roasted asparagus, truffle roasted vegetables, tea sandwiches, assorted vegetables and a cheese platter. I initially tried to plan for a Parisian themed menu (Thuha’s favorite cuisine) but as many of you know, things can get a little chaotic in the few days before a party and I had to let go of that over achieving mentality.

One area where I did not compromise however, were the heart shaped tea sandwiches. Aren’t they just so adorable?

Our Garden Bridal Shower Brunch was a huge hit and of course, the bride to be felt celebrated as all her close girlfriends were there to wish her well. Here is a photo of the Bride and her Hostess. Bride on the right, and Hostess on the left. Isn’t she so cute?

Next on our wedding agenda: Catholic Ceremony and reception, in which I’ll be hosting again!


  • What a beautiful celebration Hong! My congratulations to Thuha and her beau. So nice to have the backdrop of your new garden for the party :) (I’m guessing that’s where it was!)

  • If ever a beautiful bride was matched by her setting, this one was! As someone who describes herself as a “creative archivist,” I admire your sense of occasion and capacity to create it. The visuals reflect a lot of care and good feeling. It wouldn’t have been the same without the heart-shaped sandwiches. Beautiful!

    • Thank you so much Victoria!

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