Oh Happy Day: Part Deux

October 13 , 2011 by: Hong Weddings

As I’ve promised here is the finale to Oh Happy Day! I must say that having been able to participate in such a blessed occasion has been one of life’s highlights. It ranks pretty high up there. I’d say as high as kayaking alongside dolphins in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii.

(all photos courtesy of Dartanyon Race)

Justin and Thuha spared no expensive when it came to showering their guests. The venue was intimate, elegantly casual, and inviting. By the way if you are ever in Ojai, the Lavender Inn is a great little bed and breakfast.

Lots of privacy with a great ambiance.

We were welcomed with lavender and lemon ice waters served in mason jars. (I know its been overly done, but still so adorable!) Shortly after the reception, the caterers had a seafood bar set up along with passed hors d’oeuvres. Delicious! The dinner salad of heirloom tomatos was such a great salute to an Ojai summer. And of course the main course of seared scallops and short ribs was very climatic!

One of my favorite details were the favors that Justin and Thuha chose for their guests. They found a local olive oil company that was able to bottle 2 oz sizes of both olive oil and vinegar. So thoughtful, since many guests were traveling via air.

At the end of the evening I remember my youngest guy looking at me with his little puppy dog face asking if the night was truly over. For a moment I saw his eyes watering up as he realized that the night was coming to an end. I couldn’t bear to tell him that I felt exactly the same. Although I was completely exhausted from tending to all the details I didn’t want the night to end either.

And isn’t that the moment when you know this was one fabulous occasion?

I know I’m a little bias but this was the BEST wedding I’ve ever attended. Not because I was the planner or even the sister. It was because the element of family, friends, love and fun was felt throughout the entire day. OH HAPPY DAY INDEED!


  • We need more pictures, especially of the cute little girl. Any pictures of the bride’s brother who’s the lawyer, heard he was a good looking guy?

  • Hi Hong! I’ve visited your site a several times and really enjoy your descriptions and photos (Dartanyon’s too!) You truly evoke feelings of actually being there:) I love the last shot of cool Aidan making his way down the aisle – so sharp!

    • Thanks so much Osa! I’m so glad that you keeping up with our lives through the blog! Miss you! xxoo

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