Oh Happy Day!

October 10 , 2011 by: Hong Flowers, Weddings

Well, where do I begin? How about that wedding I teased you lovelies about several months ago? Indeed my baby sister did tie the knot this past Labor Day. I know, I know, I’m a little late reporting it but in my defense, I’ve had A LOT going on!

So here are a few of my favorites from their first wedding!

Aren’t they so adorable?

Their first wedding was a quaint little Catholic ceremony in our hometown of Seattle.

I was fortunate enough to play the role of photographer, florist, and reception host. Of course no other role was more important though than that of older sister.

I just about cried when her groom handed me this gift to hand to his bride the day of their wedding.

The one great thing about our family is the fact that we make everything a family event! Here is my handsome baby playing the ring bearer.

Isn’t he so handsome and don’t you just LOVE the attire?

From Seattle, the entire family (ALL 25 of us) headed south for Ojai, CA where the celebrations continued!

For now, here is a little prelude to Oh Happy Day part Deux!


  • I can’t wait for more! All the fun memories rush back from just these few beautiful snippets! Your creations were amazing big sis! These were not only the biggest days of my life but the best days! Thank you for making it all so memorable!

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