Weekend Getaway: Fairhaven

October 31 , 2011 by: Hong Places, Weekend

The Geek and I had such a nice and relaxing weekend hanging out in the quaint little town of Fairhaven. Our hotel had a beautiful view of the marina and bay.

We did a little bit of shopping in town and came across so many cute boutiques! I’ve been addicted to home and garden shops as of late and came across this adorable nursery.

All in all, a great weekend getaway to refresh our ourselves. The air was brisk and the walks energizing! I was constantly remarking on the beautiful fall colors surrounding us. The Geek agreed but stated that West Coast fall is nothing like the East. I believe his exact words were, “Yes those are beautiful shades of yellow, and some orange but you’re missing a lot of the red tones. Wait till you see fall on the East Coast.”

Until I see Fall on the East Coast, I’m pretty content with a West Coast Fall…


  • From the perspective of this transplanted North Carolinian, Northwest colors are just as beautiful, but in a different way. I continue to be amazed by the number of colors out here. The yellows and oranges along with the various greens that keep going year-round. The colors back East are uniquely vivid. A forest I know in Alstead, New Hampshire blazes yellow in fall. But the other foliage doesn’t have the same range that the PNWs does. This is definitely a both/and appreciation situation.

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