DIY: Advent

November 30 , 2011 by: Hong DIY, Holiday, Home, Inspiration

Tomorrow starts the countdown to Christmas!

I’m so glad I planned ahead this year and decided to make my own  Advent calendar.

Actually I got a little lucky since the only thing I had to purchase were the mini brown paper lunch bags and clothes pins. Everything else I had on hand. This project cost all of $4.00! And how convenient was it that the lunch bags came in a package of 25? Coincidence? I think not! Now….the real expense comes in the form of the little treats for each bag!

I’ve decided to insert treats the night before as they are hanging on our fireplace and since we use the fireplace nightly we don’t want to have a messy situation on our hands….

What do you think? Mission accomplished? I’ll let you know what the true critics will say……however, I think it will all depend on the treats each day brings!


  • How clever!

  • I’m getting ideas! How about peel and stick crystal dots on the toothpicks? One each would look like a string of tiny lights. Your display is the perfect blend of glam and nature/craft. In addition to adding another punch of red, a roaring fire must make the mantel a spectacular focal point. Bring on the cocoa!

  • Darn…that’s really cute. I’m a sucker for anything in brown craft paper AND mercury glass, so you’ve hit all the right notes in my opinion!

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