Happily Giving Thanks

November 24 , 2011 by: Hong Family

As many of you know The Geek and I hosted our family’s Thanksgiving this year. WOW! I meant to document much more to give you visual delights but I must say I fell a little behind….Here’s a little teaser though.

The Geek made a beautifully moist bird. Bless his heart, he was up at 5:00 AM prepping it. Not to mention the additional few days before hand giving it a bath and salt rub. To say that it was a hit is an understatement. I believe the best compliment was the family insinuating that we’ll be celebrating Christmas here as well.

My contribution was the rosemary roasted root vegetables. Aren’t those the prettiest fingerling potatoes you’ve ever seen?

All in all it was wonderful to have been the host for such an appreciative family. At the end of the day it wasn’t the decor, place setting, or lack of place cards that became the focus. It was truly the time spent with family and friends that I am thankful for. The food does come in at a close second!



  • Gorgeous!

  • It all looks beautiful. Love the veggies cut lengthwise! How long did the turkey last? Twenty-five people with appetites must have made short work of it. Lovely mantle setting. Thanks for posting your tribute to thanks!

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