DIY: Paper Flowers

January 30 , 2012 by: Hong DIY, Flowers

Happy Monday! Here’s a great DIY idea that will add some pizazz to your week! Items you’ll need: crepe or tissue paper (crepe paper is a little easier to work with since it’s more textured), lollipop sticks or any other stick you may have and glue (I used a glue gun)Start by covering the top of your stick with yellow tissue paper (the stamen). Now you’ll need to cut your paper into petal shapes. It doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect. Make sure to keep a straight edge at the bottom of your petal to ensure that it glues on more securely. Continue to layer on your petals. Experiment with the spacing. Again, perfection is NOT the objective. After several layers you should end up with one gorgeous flower!At this point you can even add on some “leaves”. I’m going to be using these to add a little pop to the favors for our party next week. Yes, Seasons For Cake is having a PARTY! I’ll continue to add details here throughout the week. For now though, isn’t this a lovely bouquet?


  • So sweet. Thinking those would make cute valentines for The Girl’s class.

  • Holy Cow Hong! Those are lovely!

  • I love the look of these delicate flowers… Thanks for sharing the how-to!!

  • […] project is very similar to the crepe paper flowers I did several months ago. The only difference is that the place setting doesn’t require a […]

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