Driftwood Front & Center

January 12 , 2012 by: Hong DIY, Home

Remember New Year’s Day when we spent some time at Thuha and Justin’s Beach House? Well I have a confession…I took something from their property. I couldn’t help myself, it was just too gorgeous to pass up.

Have a look: Isn’t it amazing? I have a feeling driftwood is going to be a big trend this spring/summer (or at least in my house anyhow). We’ve already seen many versions of the weathered look in home design and this is perfect for layering on. I used some air plants that I purchased several months ago and just rested it right on top. GORGEOUS. I absolutely love it!

Want to know more about air plants? You can find some info here.


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  • Happy ❤️.
  • You learned to tie your shoes with only one hand. You learned to walk with only one leg. You learned to grow when your spine was fused. You learned to spread your wings when you were told you would be limited. And through all this I had to sit back and watch you, wanting to catch you. You taught me so much more than I taught you. And I’ll always continue to walk in your shadow as your support. Happy Birthday my baby boy. I am so proud of you. ❤️
  • Never underestimate the power of nature, conversation, laughter, and friendship. This weekend was the equivalent of 5 years of therapy.

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