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February 26 , 2012 by: Hong Family, Favorites, Weekend

I had an amazingly fantastic weekend with friends and babies (humans & chicks)! Our friends Anne and Nate came over for lunch on Saturday and we finally met their new Baby D!

It was so wonderful to hold a little baby in my arms again. Baby D was perfect the entire time! He has such a great disposition and you can tell he’s pretty easy on his parents.

Talk about love at first sight, right? Can’t you just stare at him forever?

And what about the baby rolls…my favorite! Actually….I think the smell of babies rivals the rolls.

Are you checking out that red hair? I have a feeling this kid is going to be quite the charmer (as if he isn’t already).

Yeah, this kid’s got his parents wrapped around his little fingers! There is no shortage of love for this one!

Speaking of being wrapped around one’s fingers…..we couldn’t let Baby D leave without a special gift.

I was lucky that Anne and Nate didn’t already receive these for Baby D. I was ecstatic because it’s my favorite gift to give new parents.

Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny are classics. Five Little Chicks was just appropriate as I’m on a Chick Kick!

Congratulations Anne & Nate! And Welcome to the World Baby D!



  • Such evocative photos of a lovely newborn! Pictures really can be poetry. Second, love the burlap wrap. Another very cool, quick embellishment for burlap is an embroidered monogram or name. Just use a thick needle or thin skewer to pull some twine, thick embroidery floss, yarn, silk ribbon, etc. through the holes in the fabric. Freestyle is great. Finally, do I see a “Three Little Chicks” bedtime story in the works?

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