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February 24 , 2012 by: Hong Favorites, Home

I’m so excited to welcome a few new chicks into our home! The Geek and I have been talking about raising chickens for awhile now and it usually stops short of us getting into an argument. So today I went to the feed store and decided I was going to raise chickens!

Here’s how I broke it to him.

It went on like this for a little longer and then I bit the bullet. I sent him a photograph….When he came home from work he had a little smile on. Although he won’t admit it, I think he’s secretly pleased. Besides how could you not love these little furry balls of cuteness?

We’ll keep them in the house for several more weeks and then it’s off to their coop. By the way, The Geek totally hooked them up with all the appropriate “nursery” stuff. He even rigged the brooder lamp so that they receive just the right amount of heat. He’s also been looking at coop plans…. I’m guessing he’s not upset.

We’ll come up with some names in the next few days but for now….I can completely understand why having animals around can be quite therapeutic.


  • The chiclets are adorable, and your photos are fab! I never had pets as a child, so the two kiddens James and I brought home a year ago have been my first pet-mom,actually anything-mom, experience. Talk about adding a new dimension to life and shifting a few perspectives! One of the most magical aspects of cat-parenthood has been seeing James so utterly sweet. Any über-male pretense dissolves when he even thinks of his “little guys.” Seasons for Cake (and long live the Geek 🙂 does urban farming. Love it!!

  • […] the next day]. To say I was annoyed was understatement, but you can read her perspective over on Season for Cake. I didn’t really want anything else to take care of, but within a week, these little chicks […]

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