DIY: Linen Covered Books

February 08 , 2012 by: Hong DIY, Home, Weddings

Remember in high school when your teachers made you cover the text books with brown grocery bags to “protect” them? Well, this project will yield a more sophisticated version of that. Start with some old hardback books. I snagged some up at the Goodwill for a really great price. Hint: the children’s book cost even less! You’ll also need some linen fabric. I purchased about a yard for less than $8.00. Start by cutting out the linen to accommodate the book size you have. Remember to leave about 1.2-2 inches around the perimeter of the book. Using a glue gun, put the glue on the linen and fold onto the book. It’s not necessary to glue as close to the edge as possible.  You’ll want to fold over the corners when gluing the bottom part. It makes it easier and looks more finished. Cut two slits along the spine of the book. Trim the excess linen and glue along the spine. Use very minimal glue. A toothpick may be helpful to press the linen.And voila! Here is what your new linen covered book should look like. This would be a great center piece addition for a Vintage Chic wedding…or a decorative accent to your home!


  • Texture makes an amazing difference doesn’t it? And even with a monochromatic look you get lots of color. Using fabric to cover books gives new life to treasured pieces of clothing, tablecloths, vintage embroidered hand towels, and other worse-for-wear keepsakes. My mother’s Liberty-print college blouse (which I wore too!) now covers one of my old journals. It gives the living room bookshelf soul 🙂

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