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My Friday was spent with 30 third graders and a trip to the zoo. We were fortunate enough to experience some Spring weather for a change, and to be honest I only had five kids in my group. So the day wasn’t so bad… We started off petting the goats. Paused at the beauty of […]

Pho Goodness

March 15 , 2012 by Hong - in Food

Seattle’s weather has been a little schizophrenic lately. Today, I thought my house was going to flood. I actually woke up to a leak and a slight power outage. Since I’m an emotional eater, pho was a must for today. When it comes to customizing my bowl of pho, I’m quite a simple girl. Actually […]

Vintage Finds

March 07 , 2012 by Hong - in Home, Places

I recently fell in love with vintage finds…or at least recently admitting to it. One of my new favorite places to shop is located in the heart of Seattle’s industrial area known as SODO. Pacific Galleries is an eclectic mix of everything from vintage jewelry to neon signs to french linens. Yes, all in one […]

Portland via Train

March 06 , 2012 by Hong - in Places

Last week I took the train to Portland for an overnight work trip. I can see the fascination/obsession that some people have with trains. Although my train ride was no more than three hours, I found it quite relaxing and enjoyable. I must add a west coast train trip to my bucket list.

Bouchon Bistro

March 02 , 2012 by Hong - in Food, Weekend

My friend Victoria recently visited a restaurant that I’ve been coveting, Bouchon Bistro. She was kind enough to write about her experience for Seasons For Cake. Not only has Victoria been a great supporter of S4C, but she is one inspirational human being. She has joined me as a contributing editor and I am so […]

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  • So thankful for my health, family and natures beauty.
  • Just like any lady, all she needed was a little warmth and sweet talking to get her fully charged and roaring. Finally back in the sea where she belongs. #aboardinsolita
  • I was at Safeway shopping for Thanksgiving when a man approached me with his two year old son. Immediately I said "sorry" not even hearing what he had said. I got in my car and drove across the street to the gas station. After filling up I drove back to the Safeway parking lot to find him and apologized. I asked him what he needed and he said I don't even know I'm so overwhelmed. After an exchange of conversation we went inside and he grabbed diapers and a warm lunch. When I went to pay for what he had chosen I handed him $20 and wished him well. I said to him, I don't know if you are telling me the truth or scamming me but whatever the case may be I wish you well. He thanked me sincerely and we parted ways. I figured if this was his attempt at scamming me out of $50 than so be it. I got back into my heated car and drove to my furnished home with a well stocked fridge. I then proceeded to make this dutch baby pancake and ate it knowing how fortunate I am. Of all the things that are happening in the world right now what we need more of is empathy and kindness. #practicewhatyoupreach

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