Pho Goodness

March 15 , 2012 by: Hong Food

Seattle’s weather has been a little schizophrenic lately. Today, I thought my house was going to flood. I actually woke up to a leak and a slight power outage. Since I’m an emotional eater, pho was a must for today.

When it comes to customizing my bowl of pho, I’m quite a simple girl. Actually one can argue that I may be sacrilegious. My preference: noodles, meat, broth, a little fish sauce and a squeeze of lime. That’s right I don’t eat any of the herbs or onions, Sriracha or Hoison sauce. I know quite scandalous. And thus, why Mom’s house is the best place for pho, as it’s made to order without judgement.

Aren’t the add-ons pretty though?

Yes, a lemonade or limeade is also a must.

And this was the perfect addition to Seattle’s schizophrenic of day weather. Here’s to hoping that Spring truly is just right around the corner.


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