Portland via Train

March 06 , 2012 by: Hong Places

Last week I took the train to Portland for an overnight work trip.

I can see the fascination/obsession that some people have with trains. Although my train ride was no more than three hours, I found it quite relaxing and enjoyable. I must add a west coast train trip to my bucket list.


  • Trains are such a fabulous way to hit the pause button on life and see things closely that usually whiz by us in a blur. It’s also true that train tracks follow different routes than highways. They can give you a completely different perspective on a familiar area. A couple of years ago, I took a ride from Raleigh, NC to Washington, DC (love Union Station! http://www.unionstationdc.com/info/albumphotos). The route took me through beautiful farmland, by antebellum slave cabins, plantations, and the old brick city of Richmond, VA. Of course, nothing can beat a west coast trip … unless it’s a trip through the Grand Canyon … or… Pick a season! Watching autumn leaves through the panoramic windows of a train is like seeing a gorgeous movie. Speaking of which, one must-see movie for any Seasons for Cake fan who likes trains is Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. What could be more elegant than Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint on a classic train?

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