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March 07 , 2012 by: Hong Home, Places

I recently fell in love with vintage finds…or at least recently admitting to it. One of my new favorite places to shop is located in the heart of Seattle’s industrial area known as SODO. Pacific Galleries is an eclectic mix of everything from vintage jewelry to neon signs to french linens. Yes, all in one place. I love that!

Need vintage bowling pins?

What about a set of silverware?

Or my go-to for a decorative accent piece: vintage books. What are your thoughts on “antiquing?” A trend that’s worth the investment or a trend that needs to be long forgotten?


  • Call it “vintage” or “antique,” it’s so much more than a trend. Loved and used items are a fact of our lives, and what better way to appreciate them than to give them new life or restore them? One of my favorite sayings is that, “if you care for things, they will care for you.” How much more rewarding to discover a lovely old book and put it to new use, than to artificially age a book? Vintage pieces, trinkets, and items also give us an opportunity to see how things used to be made and what craftsmanship required before superglue and other mod cons. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for using tea to lightly stain linens and achieve a particular look. It’s just not the same. Not as rich. Not as meaning-full. We should all value both of our roles as stewards of the past and muses to the future. We are, after all, part of a great story 🙂

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