Weekend Getaway: Denver and Beyond Part 2

April 23 , 2012 by: Hong Flowers

If you are in Boulder, Lucile’s should be your first stop. Fuel up on the home made beignets, biscuits and apple butter. YUMMY!

Walk off an eighth of the calories consumed at nearby Pearl street. If you visit in early Spring you’ll be greeted with all the beautiful tulips in bloom.

Don’t exert all your energy shopping though. Less than four miles away is Chautauqua. If you are feeling adventurous, you may be able to hike off the rest of your caloric intake from breakfast.

A short drive from Boulder is Louisville. You’ll arrive just in time for Happy Hour at the Empire Lounge.

The calamari salad is an absolute must! But check out the rest of that menu…if I didn’t think I’d be judged, I would have ordered one of everything!

One block north of the Empire Lounge is the Fuzzy Antler. Are you sensing a theme here? Eat. Shop. Repeat.

This is a great home decor shop with everything from tabletop to the most beautiful table linens, to locally hand made jewelry.

Rach and I also stopped over at Lafayette. We were running out of time but decided to return the next day for a jaunt at the Flea Market. I found some great linen napkins. My eyes were also set on vintage irons but my carry-on did not allow for it. Such a rookie move…I really should know better than to over pack and not leave room for all my found treasures.

This wraps up my tips for Denver and beyond. I’ll be posting some Baby Love at the end of the week so make sure to check back!


  • Looks like a great, yummy and beautiful trip. Thanks for the intel as well 🙂

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