DIY: Jar Lanterns

June 15 , 2012 by: Hong DIY

Ever wonder what to do with all those empty glass jars? You know, the ones from spaghetti sauce, jam, and peanut butter. The Geek is getting a little tired of me using them as drinking ware and perhaps even a little embarrassed, especially when we’re entertaining. I on the other hand think they’re cute. I’m still a firm believer that my water tastes better when I drink out of mason jars. Regardless, I had a thought of re-purposing them as lanterns.

Cute, right? Here’s what you’ll need:

I’m using a 22 gauge wire. You can find this at any floral supply or craft supply store.

Wrap the wire around the neck of the jar. Make sure you cut enough to wrap around twice in order to reinforce the support. You’ll also want to have your hanging wire pre-cut so that you can hook it onto the wire that is wrapping the neck.

Twist all wires and make sure they are secure.  Hang them before inserting candle and lighting.

Don’t they look great?! These will add great ambiance to any outdoor dinner party. Enjoy!


  • This is so simple and so beautiful. Tell the geek that you can have your decorative lanterns and your water, too! Those on the East coast will also use mason jars for “lightning bugs.” Love your sequence of “how to” photos, especially the yellow handles on the wire clippers against the aged wood 🙂

  • I love this idea. These are simple to make but look amazing!!!
    Jewelry Rage

  • this idea is great!!is so beautiful for the outdoor lighting!thank you for sharing!

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