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June 07 , 2012 by: Hong Flowers, Weddings

I had some horrible car karma this week. While The Geek was tending to my TWO flat tires, I took the opportunity to spend the morning at the Pike Place Market. I knew it was Peony season but I had no idea it was PEONY SEASON!

They were absolutely gorgeous! As a matter of fact, it got me thinking….The Geek and I had originally planned to make the leap into holy matrimony September 2013. Yes, indeed we are making it official! With that being said, I’m considering changing our date to coincide with Peony Season. I was so enamored I had to buy a bouquet. At only $10 a bunch, this gave me the idea to practice making my own wedding bouquet.

Although the shades of pinks and burgandys were eye catching, I’m more of a simple white gal. Start with a handful of bloomed stems. I have a total of six here. Strip the stems of all the leaves and gather them together. Once you have all the flowers gathered, layer on the stems of leaves around the outside of the flowers.

When you have the desired size bouquet, start wrapping the stems with floral tape. If you are not in possession of floral tape a rubber band will do.

At this point, you’ll want to hide the floral tape. Here I’ve used some left over linen fabric and tied it with twine. This will go with more of a rustic themed wedding. I’ve also used silk ribbon in the past and anchored it with pins down the stems.

And for the final product..VOILA!

What do you think? Granted it’s not perfect but keep in mind it also did not cost $200! For $10, I’d say I’m pretty satisfied. I think this will be a perfect bouquet for my rustic outdoor wedding!


  • Love it, that is so beautiful 🙂
    A summer outdoor rustic wedding sounds amazing!

  • When you have something as perfect as a peony, you don’t need too much to enhance it. Gorgeous!

  • You’ve got a date??!! Well, sort of… Yaaay! So fabulous!

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