Mini Bacon-Gruyere Quiche Goodness

July 27 , 2012 by: Hong Food

It’s been about three weeks since the girls have started laying. They are finally on a regular cycle and we’ve been averaging at least three eggs a day, sometimes four if we’re lucky. Every time I lift open that nesting box it kind of feels like Christmas morning. I instantly smile…oh bliss! There’s something truly satisfying about harvesting your own food.

We have however, been a little egged out. The Geek is over having scrambled eggs for breakfast and dinner and so it’s time to get a little more creative. Here is my first recipe outside of the scrambled eggs. I’ve adapted the recipe from here. For some added cuteness I made them using mini cupcake molds and a flower cookie cutter.

Adorbs right?

If you have any suggestions for egg recipes please share! You may just receive some fresh eggs in return!

Have an Eggtastic Weekend!


  • Beautiful photos as always and the petal edged crusts are totally adorbs! What a great idea to set off any kind of filling.

    At 21 eggs a week, a family’s cholesterol count could scoot up quickly. Have you asked colleagues or neighbors if they’d like a regular supply? The boyfriend has a colleague at work who fills half a carton every week for us. We dutifully return the carton and it gets filled again.

    Maybe the boys could start a subscription service and earn a little money. I bet their mom could do some great packaging 😉

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