DIY: Floral Place Cards

August 29 , 2012 by: Hong DIY

Although the summer wedding season is coming to an end soon, I wanted to hang on just a tad bit longer with this DIY floral place card setting.

This project is very similar to the crepe paper flowers I did several months ago. The only difference is that the place setting doesn’t require a stem. If you need a refresher, here’s a quick tutorial.

Using crepe paper, cut out the petals as shown and start pinching them together to resemble the shape of a flower. It helps if you pull slightly on the paper and shape the petals. Using a glue gun start gluing the ends of the petals together and continue to layer on.

When you have the completed look, add the stamen. I just used some white crepe paper and glued it in the center.

This is great way to add a little pop to any table setting!


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