Weekend Getaway: SF and Beyond

August 13 , 2012 by: Hong Weekend

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week in San Francisco with some amazing people. My day gig has an annual conference in San Francisco and I kid you not, this event is anything but. I’ve never been surrounded by so many creative, energized and focused individuals in one room. I’m still smiling and can only sum it up in one word, WOW.

Absolutely gorgeous right? This was a dinner for 750 people. I couldn’t have been more giddy having dinner with this backdrop. This image is giving me an idea for a series titled Dinner with a View. What do you think?

While I had a great time at the conference, I was just as excited to extend my stay through the weekend. I was lucky enough to dine at Chez Panisse and visit wine country. Chez Panisse did not disappoint and was probably one of the best dinners I’ve had.

 Adhoc was also on my preferred list, but I made the mistake of not making reservations. This mistake led us to Bistro Jeantry. We spent an evening honoring Julia Childs and even ended up making friends with the party next to us who then proceeded to invite us to their home for dessert and champagne! Talk about honoring Julia Childs!

I wanted to ribbon up my weekend with a visit to Tartine, but unfortunately I’m not a fan of lines. I drove by at 9AM and there was a line of at least 15 deep. I came back at 11AM and it had tripled in size. I’m sure it would have been worth the wait but I didn’t have the patience to experience that first hand. One thing I do know for sure is that San Francisco is one of my most favorite cities and I can’t wait to say hello again!


  • You will have to go back to Napa and try all of the fantastic restaurants, reservations made in advance for SURE. What a wonderful impromptu celebration of Julia Child! Some foodie friends of mine knew her well, so I met her a few times. Such a tall and plucky woman. Enthusiasm personified! Another connection with her is my mother, who worked at WGBH in Boston when Julia was filming her earliest French Chef shows. That’s the food I grew up eating … and the unfussy attitude my mother brought to cooking. She’d make Seasons-for-Cake-beautiful dishes as though she were fixing PJ&J sandwiches. It still makes me laugh!

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