Joanna + Peter

December 29 , 2012 by: Hong Weddings

There are so many things I love in this world. High on that list is low maintenance weddings, specifically brides. Fortunately I’ve photographed a handful, including Joanna. J +P had a beautiful ceremony at St. Anne’s followed by a lunch reception at The Barking Frog. The day was so perfect. And although the bride may have been a little nervous you would have never guessed. Her groom broke out in hives the day before and was still suffering from the outbreak the day of. Talk about one calm bride!

Aren’t they so beautiful? I also love that she chose this time of the year for her wedding. The church was gorgeously decorated for the season. How smart was that?

Thank you J+P for such a simply beautiful day.


  • The occasion was so low maintenance and so HIGH style! The photos capture the wedding’s elegance and simplicity along with the world’s one true luxury, which is love. I only wish my rumpled bed could look so gorgeous 🙂

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  • Best afternoon ever with @hellokitty and @thuha32 . One of the things I love about getting older is doing all things that makes you happy and not giving an F* about what people think. Such as my ❤️ for hello kitty. #hellokittyforever
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