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Perfection: the sate or quality of being or becoming perfect.
I’ve been having a tough time with this word lately. During this past Holiday, I had a conversation with my sister about this blog, specifically whether or not I was going to continue with it. She said something that I took as a back handed compliment. She said it was perfect and everyone loves to see how beautiful your life is. Well I took this as almost an insult. It’s never my intention to show off my life as being beautiful and perfect. As a matter of fact, sometimes I feel like my life is a complete and utter chaos. It’s true, we do have a lot of fun and I take snap shots of those times. But that’s just it. They’re snap shots. Edited versions of a perfect life. What’s not shown is the dog poop on the floor during a Holiday party or one of my boys in tears because I made a promise I couldn’t keep.
So here’s my confession: My life is not perfect. Very far from it. If anything I hope this blog provides you with the inspiration to enjoy and love all those moments in your life. Perfect or not.
I’ve also been thinking about my goals for this blog. I’ve narrowed it down to focusing more on at home entertaining, meaning I’ll provide tips on table styling, atmosphere, food styling, and entertaining planning. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you. For now, I’ll leave you with this quote which I find so true: “In the grand scheme of things, it’s our imperfections that make us perfect.”


  • Love the reflections. “Perfection” is so much about having “no distinguishable (fill in the blanks)”. The blanks could be filled by words like scratches, wrinkles, dents, spots, pulls, variations, etc. The think is that it’s what IS distinguishable that makes things — and each of us — unique. When you remind us of the dog poop, you remind us of the life fully lived and that’s what makes S4C something better than “perfect” — that is, unique. Hope you will keep it up. You do amazing home entertaining — settings, food and drink.

    • Thanks so much for your continued support Victoria!

  • Oops, in the 3rd line I should have typed “the thinG is 🙂

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