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March 07 , 2013 by: Hong Places

The first leg of my Whirlwind Holiday was spent at my sisters home in Bristol. Actually she lives in this cute little town called Chew Magna. It’s mainly farmland and is so quaint and lovely.

She has a charming farmhouse with a contemporary interior, the perfect combination.

This is the view from her front door. This would never get old in my book. I’m sure spring and summer here is absolutely gorgeous.

Our first stop was the City of Bath.

It is a World Heritage Site and is worth the visit. We took a little tour of The Great Bath at the Roman Baths and I even drank some of the water from the spring!

The River Avon runs through the city center, where we took a lovely stroll.

The following day we HAD to make a stop at Stonehenge. Confession: my sister actually made me choose between Stonehenge and Highclere Castle. For those of you not familiar with Highclere, it’s the setting for the popular Downton Abbey. Since Highclere was not open to tourists this time of the year, we defaulted to Stonehenge.

To be honest, Stonehenge was not as impressive as I had imagined it to be. Perhaps my views were a little askewed by Clark Griswold.

Here we are, a little cold but having a blast!

If you are ever in Chew Magna, do make sure to dine at The Pony and Trap. It’s a Michelin Star restaurant that has a casual feel. We ate here for dinner and then lunch the following day!

This was the beginning to my week long culinary adventure and Whirlwind Holiday! Our next stop Paris!


  • Oooh, what are the dishes you posted? They look delish!

    • If my memory serves me correctly, it was pork 3 ways. That was Thuha’s dinner. I actually had mussels and it was soooo delish! The second one is a small dessert treat of brownies and jellies.

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