Hello Spring Cake

March 20 , 2013 by: Hong DIY, Food, Inspiration

The first day of Spring here in Seattle was presented with gusty winds, rain, sleet and sunshine. Oh Hello Spring in Seattle! However, Spring’s arrival made me smile and so I decided to honor its presence with a pink ombre cake.

Doesn’t that scream Hello Spring!

Start with your favorite cake. Make sure to lay down a piece of parchment paper on top of your cake stand before frosting your crumb layer. This makes for very easy clean up.

Once your crumb layer is on, add a light layer of frosting and then remove your parchment paper.

Begin piping your cake starting at the rim. I’m using a open star tip. The $8.00 cake decorating kit I purchased was from Target.  Making little rosettes go counter clockwise around the cake. In order to get the ombre look, use a small drop of food coloring and mix it gently. You’ll want the bag of frosting to have some marbling.

Continue your rosettes going counter clock wise until you end your last rosette on the center of the cake.

Now begin piping the side. This was a two layer 9″ cake. I did two layers of rosettes up the side.

 What I  love most about this cake is that the rosettes are not entirely perfect on their own but with the whole cake decked out, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Happy Spring!


  • What a delightful looking cake and I’m sure it was a delicious celebration of spring!

  • So beautiful Hong…. !

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