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March 11 , 2013 by: Hong Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to packing for any excursion, I’m terrible. I either over pack or under pack and inevitable forget something. For Paris, I went on the conservative route. I wanted to pack lightly so that I can bring back lots of chocolate…er souvenirs! Here’s a snap shot of my Parisian street wear.

As you can see, black is my favorite color. The great news? It works in Paris! Here’s what I lived in:

1. Black Wool Coat. The temperature ranged anywhere from 30-40 degrees while we were there. I’m so glad I brought my winter coat!

2. Infinity Scarf. Not only is a scarf a staple in Paris but this one was practical and kept me warm!

3. Skinny Jeans. I’m currently living in these 24/7.

4. Flats. These flats were great as we were walking around Paris. They can also add that tiny touch of dress up for dinner.

5. Ankle Boots. When the flats needed a break, these ankle boots were not only comfortable, they’re also waterproof! They came in handy when it snowed.

6. Tote. I love this tote. It’s no longer available but you can find a similar version here. It’s large enough to carry everything from my camera to maps to even patisseries!

7. Camera. I can’t leave home without it. This is my workhorse and the one thing I love about this is the flexibility it provides.

8. Wrap. I love my wrap. If I knew I wouldn’t be judged, I’d wear it everyday.

A few things to know when packing for Paris: (1) If you want to fit in like a local, dress like a local. Leave the yoga pants and white tennis shoes at home. (2) Bring a tote with a zipper. Paris is notorious for pick pocketing and the more secure your valuables are, the more enjoyable your trip will be. (3) Check the weather forecast before packing. I know this is a no brainer, but just as much as you want to be stylish you also want to be comfortable. If I hadn’t had my wool socks, waterproof boots, scarf, gloves and wool coat, I would have been miserable! (4) Bring comfortable shoes. We literally walked anywhere from 2-6 miles daily. This can make or break your trip. (5) When in doubt just pack 4 pairs of jeans and 4 black long sleeve shirts. Remember you’re in Paris, turn any which direction and the best boutiques are at your fingertips!


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