Happy Year of The Goat

February 19 , 2015 by: Hong Food, Holiday

Happy New Year!

We’re celebrating the Goat this year and I have a great savory recipe to get your year started off on the right hoof. 🙂


I grew up eating congee regularly. I know it as the Vietnamese version of chicken soup. My mother made it all throughout the year and dressed it up for celebratory meals. I recently have been obsessed with making it even more savory and I think I’ve nailed down a recipe that is not only easy peasy but also packs a powerful punch!


What makes this easy is having a slow cooker. The base for the recipe is pretty straight forward. Half a cup of rice. Four cups of water and four cups of chicken broth. I usually set the slow cooker on high for 3 hours. Once the base is cooked I’ll add about 5 tablespoons or so of fish sauce, salt and pepper to taste.


Here’s where all the work comes in….do have a Trader Joe’s nearby? They sell cooked pork belly! Slice up the pork belly and pan fry it til golden brown. Add a soft boiled egg, some green onions, and fried shallots. Voila!

BTW, you can purchase fried shallots at any Asian grocer. They are such a staple to have on hand and is such a great topper.


Bon Appetite!

Happy Year of The Goat and may this year bring you lots of Love, Happiness and Compassion.


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