Bruges, Belgium

March 21 , 2015 by: Hong Places

Bruges, Belgium can best described as a backdrop for a fairytale. With it’s medieval charm, cobblestones streets, picturesque canals, and historical architecture, I was in love….here’s proof of why.


This is just one of many canals that had me swooning.


You can’t help but to feel like you’ve traveled back several hundred years.


This gorgeous view awaits you with only 366 steps to the top of the Belfry Tower.


Can a view of rooftops be any prettier?


And this one looking over the canal.


Speaking of canals, one of the best ways to view the city is to play tourist and take a canal cruise around the city.


I happily obliged.


This allowed for a rest of the legs, especially after that 366 steps climbed.


And of course a chance to see this famous little guy, Fidel, a Golden Lab that lives at Cote Canal Bed & Breakfast.


Needless to say, I would highly recommend Bruges being on your list of must see places.

Next up, I’ll give you some insight into where I stayed, where I ate and what I did in Bruges!


  • Your photographs are beautiful! Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks so much Anita!

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