Eating and Seeing in Bruges

March 25 , 2015 by Hong - in Food, Places

When I’m visiting a foreign country I love discovering the local eateries. If you haven’t already guessed, my life revolves around eating and photographing. I was quite surprised to experience such great food while we were in Bruges. Our first dinner was at this great Argentinian restaurant just near the town square. My sister in […]

Dille & Kamille, Bruges Belgium

Did you know that the historic city center of Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? One can understand why after exploring just a small part of the city square. This is where we focused most of our attention for two days. I arrived at the train station early in the afternoon and was able […]

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

March 21 , 2015 by Hong - in Places

Bruges, Belgium can best described as a backdrop for a fairytale. With it’s medieval charm, cobblestones streets, picturesque canals, and historical architecture, I was in love….here’s proof of why. This is just one of many canals that had me swooning. You can’t help but to feel like you’ve traveled back several hundred years. This gorgeous […]


I’ve been on this ginger kick lately and recently I stumbled across this recipe that makes for a perfect marriage. This traditional pear upside down cake gets a little makeover with some added candied ginger.  Speaking of candied ginger, have you ever made your own? It’s super easy and makes such a great gift! Yeah, […]


Spring Forward

March 06 , 2015 by Hong - in Flowers, Weekend

I’m so excited that Daylight Savings will begin this weekend! Although the loss of an extra hour is significant, the extra light is so worth it. Here in Seattle, if feels like Spring has been long underway. A few lovely blooms from around my neighborhood. The loss of an extra hour means I’m an hour […]


Meyer Lemon Cream Puffs

February 28 , 2015 by Hong - in Food

It seems odd to me that Meyer Lemon season is fall/winter. The Seattle weather has us all a little confused right now especially on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon. While grocery shopping at TJ’s, I scored some of these beautiful Meyer lemons. It makes more sense to me to have these during the summer….but hey whatever […]


Spring Fever and Happy Friday

February 20 , 2015 by Hong - in Flowers, Weekend

Seattle lately is a palette of pink and gray. I’m loving the splash of color and peeks of Spring. Sunnier days and warmer weather is just around the corner. So here’s to cheering on Spring. and Happy Friday!


Happy Year of The Goat

February 19 , 2015 by Hong - in Food, Holiday

Happy New Year! We’re celebrating the Goat this year and I have a great savory recipe to get your year started off on the right hoof. I grew up eating congee regularly. I know it as the Vietnamese version of chicken soup. My mother made it all throughout the year and dressed it up for […]

Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake and 65 Years

October 13 , 2014 by Hong - in Birthdays, Food

My mother’s 65th birthday was this past weekend. I made this delectable coconut cake which I then proceeded to eat for several days afterwards. I guess that’s one of the dis/advantages to hosting a party, you get to eat all the leftovers. I was amazed though by how much better this cake was the next […]

Blueberry Lemon Tart

August 06 , 2014 by Hong - in Food, Places

I recently discovered a blueberry farm within 20 minutes of our home. Can you believe that? If you live in Seattle you must check out this place. Right smack in the middle of the city, several acres of blueberries. What a treat! It was quite a warm day out so we didn’t last too long. […]

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