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Hello Spring Cake

March 20 , 2013 by Hong - in DIY, Food, Inspiration

The first day of Spring here in Seattle was presented with gusty winds, rain, sleet and sunshine. Oh Hello Spring in Seattle! However, Spring’s arrival made me smile and so I decided to honor its presence with a pink ombre cake. Doesn’t that scream Hello Spring! Start with your favorite cake. Make sure to lay […]

Advent Tree

November 29 , 2012 by Hong - in DIY, Holiday

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over we are sprucing up the house for Christmas! This year for our Advent, I decided to put our driftwood sticks to good use. The finished product is pretty visually captivating. Even the boys were impressed!

DIY: Floral Place Cards

August 29 , 2012 by Hong - in DIY

Although the summer wedding season is coming to an end soon, I wanted to hang on just a tad bit longer with this DIY floral place card setting. This project is very similar to the crepe paper flowers I did several months ago. The only difference is that the place setting doesn’t require a stem. […]

DIY: Jar Lanterns

June 15 , 2012 by Hong - in DIY

Ever wonder what to do with all those empty glass jars? You know, the ones from spaghetti sauce, jam, and peanut butter. The Geek is getting a little tired of me using them as drinking ware and perhaps even a little embarrassed, especially when we’re entertaining. I on the other hand think they’re cute. I’m […]

Valentine Pie Pops

February 12 , 2012 by Hong - in DIY, Gift, Holiday

Want an alternative to the typical Valentine’s Day sweet treats? Try pie pops! I typically don’t eat pie but will make an exception when they are either 1) heavily topped with whipping cream and/or ice cream 2) served in a very cute way, ie: mason jars or 3) made miniature……These are so easy to make, […]

DIY: Linen Covered Books

February 08 , 2012 by Hong - in DIY, Home, Weddings

Remember in high school when your teachers made you cover the text books with brown grocery bags to “protect” them? Well, this project will yield a more sophisticated version of that. Start with some old hardback books. I snagged some up at the Goodwill for a really great price. Hint: the children’s book cost even […]

DIY: Paper Flowers

January 30 , 2012 by Hong - in DIY, Flowers

Happy Monday! Here’s a great DIY idea that will add some pizazz to your week! Items you’ll need: crepe or tissue paper (crepe paper is a little easier to work with since it’s more textured), lollipop sticks or any other stick you may have and glue (I used a glue gun)Start by covering the top […]

Driftwood Front & Center

January 12 , 2012 by Hong - in DIY, Home

Remember New Year’s Day when we spent some time at Thuha and Justin’s Beach House? Well I have a confession…I took something from their property. I couldn’t help myself, it was just too gorgeous to pass up. Have a look: Isn’t it amazing? I have a feeling driftwood is going to be a big trend […]

DIY: Wood Coasters

December 04 , 2011 by Hong - in DIY, Gift, Holiday, Weddings

This past weekend I started the first of my DIY Holiday Gifts project. Little did I know, this was much more labor intensive than I had anticipated. Truth be told, I did not use the hand saw for the entire project. On the other hand, I did not have a table saw either, which would […]

DIY: Advent

November 30 , 2011 by Hong - in DIY, Holiday, Home, Inspiration

Tomorrow starts the countdown to Christmas! I’m so glad I planned ahead this year and decided to make my own  Advent calendar. Actually I got a little lucky since the only thing I had to purchase were the mini brown paper lunch bags and clothes pins. Everything else I had on hand. This project cost […]

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