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DIY: Mason Jar Pies

November 05 , 2011 by Hong - in DIY, Food

The more I’ve explored Pinterest the more I’ve been inspired to be domestic. I recently found this cute idea of mason jar pies and thought it would be the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving Day dinner. So I had to do a practice run……and voila! Not so bad huh? The Geek taste tested it and aside […]

We believe that any event can be made to feel beautiful and decadent with the proper planning, patience and execution. When it comes to weddings, especially destination weddings all the details can add up to years of debt! One of those details being flowers. Bridal bouquet, boutinerres, center pieces, corsages, aisle petals, so forth and […]

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  • Happy ❤️.
  • You learned to tie your shoes with only one hand. You learned to walk with only one leg. You learned to grow when your spine was fused. You learned to spread your wings when you were told you would be limited. And through all this I had to sit back and watch you, wanting to catch you. You taught me so much more than I taught you. And I’ll always continue to walk in your shadow as your support. Happy Birthday my baby boy. I am so proud of you. ❤️
  • Never underestimate the power of nature, conversation, laughter, and friendship. This weekend was the equivalent of 5 years of therapy.

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