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Pinterest Inspires

October 26 , 2011 by Hong - in Food

If you have no idea what Pinterest is you are in for a treat! I’ve come across a similar photo and have been very intrigued. I’m a sucker for simple and easy…and this recipe epitomizes that concept. These two ingredients are suppose to produce some very yummy muffins. That’s right, just TWO ingredients! It seemed […]

Coffee + Keurig

October 18 , 2011 by Hong - in Favorites, Food

The Geek has partially resolved my Starbucks addiction. He gifted me with an instant yet decent way to make my coffee. Say hello to my friend, The Keurig. I know the concept is quite wasteful as it only makes one serving at a time. However, it’s partly the reason I love it! It literally takes […]

Hello Cheese Lover

October 17 , 2011 by Hong - in Food

One of my favorite appetizers is a simple meat and cheese spread. Truth be told, sometimes I serve this to my family as the main course. The boys have become quite the connoisseur of fine cheese’s although they tend to pass when it comes to Cambozola. (They can’t seem to get over the whole mold […]

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