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I’m taking a little break from Europe and treating you all to this beautifully delicious recipe to start your weekend. One of my splurge souvenirs while in France was a Laduree cookbook. This book is absolutely breathtaking, which inspired me to get into the kitchen…you can thank me later! Remember when I made these? You […]

Spring Forward

March 06 , 2015 by Hong - in Flowers, Weekend

I’m so excited that Daylight Savings will begin this weekend! Although the loss of an extra hour is significant, the extra light is so worth it. Here in Seattle, if feels like Spring has been long underway. A few lovely blooms from around my neighborhood. The loss of an extra hour means I’m an hour […]

Spring Fever and Happy Friday

February 20 , 2015 by Hong - in Flowers, Weekend

Seattle lately is a palette of pink and gray. I’m loving the splash of color and peeks of Spring. Sunnier days and warmer weather is just around the corner. So here’s to cheering on Spring. and Happy Friday!

Tulip Festival

April 17 , 2013 by Hong - in Flowers, Places

Have you ever seen fields and fields and fields of tulips? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well,  just an hour and a half from Seattle is the Skagit Valley and every year from April 1st -30th hundreds of thousands of people flock to this tourist destination. It’s kind of a Hello to Spring! Although I’ve been […]

Happy Weekend

March 01 , 2013 by Hong - in Flowers

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for Spring. Last week when my sister and I were walking through Paris, it was 30 degrees and snowing. I thought my toes were going to fall off. It was a lovely surprise when I spotted this sign of Spring in London… Happy Weekend and here’s to […]

Autumn Dahlias

September 21 , 2012 by Hong - in Flowers

I love this time of year. There’s a crispness in the air, boots and scarves are in season, and dahlias are abundant. One of my favorite places to purchase flowers is at the Pike Place Market. Being a Seattlelite for over 30 years now, this is still one of my favorite places. The floral vendors […]

Flowers from the Herb Garden

August 24 , 2012 by Hong - in Flowers

One of my favorite things to have in the home are live flowers. Since my hydrangeas have yet to fully bloom, I went after the herb garden. The onions were starting to bloom and caught my attention. The sage also need some growth control… And I rounded up the arrangements with a few sprigs of […]

Happy Monday

June 11 , 2012 by Hong - in Family, Flowers, Weekend

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I had a great ending to my weekend as my entire family decided to come over for dinner Sunday night to include me in on my baby sister’s birthday. Nothing like working under pressure to deliver a decent dinner party in less than two hours! It turned out fantastic! […]

Happy Friday

June 08 , 2012 by Hong - in Flowers, Weekend

I’m still on a Peony kick. The ones in my garden are now blooming and it makes me long for the days of Summer. The Geek and The Boys are heading to the Hood Canal again this weekend with my family for my sister’s birthday. Sad that I won’t be joining them as I’ll be […]

I Thee Wed

June 07 , 2012 by Hong - in Flowers, Weddings

I had some horrible car karma this week. While The Geek was tending to my TWO flat tires, I took the opportunity to spend the morning at the Pike Place Market. I knew it was Peony season but I had no idea it was PEONY SEASON! They were absolutely gorgeous! As a matter of fact, […]

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