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  • Hi Hong 🙂

    Instead of asking you about Seasons for Cake at work, I thought this contact might be better. I’m wondering if you have any interest in conten-sourcing from people other than yourself? In other words, do you want some help with writing/content? Sitting around with the cats, I have oodles of time. Plus, your blog really evokes a tone and style that reflects my own. {Something the world needs more of!}

    If you’re open to the idea of me being an editorial accomplice, let me know. I *completely* understand if you want complete control of it all, and I have no agenda to push except the one you’re pushing already.

    If you’d think about it, let me know. I have some ideas and would love to know if you have a business plan … blogness plan? … what your goals are.

    It would be nice to put all of my experience (life and work) to some use while I’m riding the get-wellness waves. If you have dreams of blog/entrepreneurial-related income (photography, weddings, stylist), I’d love to hear about them. Obviously, I’d help you for a byline now.

    Let me know if you’d like to talk. In the meanwhile, enjoy your party! I will be there in spirit oohing and ahhing over your totally awesome ranunculus blooms.

    Thanks for adding something lovely to the world.


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  • Happy ❤️.
  • You learned to tie your shoes with only one hand. You learned to walk with only one leg. You learned to grow when your spine was fused. You learned to spread your wings when you were told you would be limited. And through all this I had to sit back and watch you, wanting to catch you. You taught me so much more than I taught you. And I’ll always continue to walk in your shadow as your support. Happy Birthday my baby boy. I am so proud of you. ❤️
  • Never underestimate the power of nature, conversation, laughter, and friendship. This weekend was the equivalent of 5 years of therapy.

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