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  • Hi Hong 🙂

    Instead of asking you about Seasons for Cake at work, I thought this contact might be better. I’m wondering if you have any interest in conten-sourcing from people other than yourself? In other words, do you want some help with writing/content? Sitting around with the cats, I have oodles of time. Plus, your blog really evokes a tone and style that reflects my own. {Something the world needs more of!}

    If you’re open to the idea of me being an editorial accomplice, let me know. I *completely* understand if you want complete control of it all, and I have no agenda to push except the one you’re pushing already.

    If you’d think about it, let me know. I have some ideas and would love to know if you have a business plan … blogness plan? … what your goals are.

    It would be nice to put all of my experience (life and work) to some use while I’m riding the get-wellness waves. If you have dreams of blog/entrepreneurial-related income (photography, weddings, stylist), I’d love to hear about them. Obviously, I’d help you for a byline now.

    Let me know if you’d like to talk. In the meanwhile, enjoy your party! I will be there in spirit oohing and ahhing over your totally awesome ranunculus blooms.

    Thanks for adding something lovely to the world.


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