Happy Weekend

October 21 , 2011 by Hong - in Places

As we settle into fall here in Seattle, I’m reminiscing about warmer weather destinations. I usually do a warm weekend getaway after the holiday season (to recover from the retail insanity) but I think I may need some Vitamin D sooner rather than later. (photo by Hong Nguyen – Nha Trang, Vietnam) (photo by Hong […]

Wordless Wednesday

October 19 , 2011 by Hong - in Inspiration, Places

Coffee + Keurig

October 18 , 2011 by Hong - in Favorites, Food

The Geek has partially resolved my Starbucks addiction. He gifted me with an instant yet decent way to make my coffee. Say hello to my friend, The Keurig. I know the concept is quite wasteful as it only makes one serving at a time. However, it’s partly the reason I love it! It literally takes […]

Hello Cheese Lover

October 17 , 2011 by Hong - in Food

One of my favorite appetizers is a simple meat and cheese spread. Truth be told, sometimes I serve this to my family as the main course. The boys have become quite the connoisseur of fine cheese’s although they tend to pass when it comes to Cambozola. (They can’t seem to get over the whole mold […]

Happy Weekend

October 15 , 2011 by Hong - in Weekend

My hydrangeas are now far and few between, but of course mother nature saved the best for last.I absolutely love the rich deep purple. What a beautiful color to welcome Fall. Happy Weekend!

Pumpkin Patches

October 14 , 2011 by Hong - in Places

Fall is definitely in the air here in Seattle and what a great way to welcome it by spending a beautiful afternoon at the pumpkin patch. This has been an annual tradition now for at least a few years. They boys look forward to the hay ride and I look forward to playing farmer by […]

Oh Happy Day: Part Deux

October 13 , 2011 by Hong - in Weddings

As I’ve promised here is the finale to Oh Happy Day! I must say that having been able to participate in such a blessed occasion has been one of life’s highlights. It ranks pretty high up there. I’d say as high as kayaking alongside dolphins in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii. (all photos courtesy of Dartanyon Race) […]

I know I promised to wrap up Oh Happy Day with a part Deux, but I thought I would post some summer vacation photos in between. Since Thuha’s destination wedding was in Ojai, CA our little family decided to take a road trip. And down the California Coast we went along with Phantom Planet’s “California” […]

Oh Happy Day!

October 10 , 2011 by Hong - in Flowers, Weddings

Well, where do I begin? How about that wedding I teased you lovelies about several months ago? Indeed my baby sister did tie the knot this past Labor Day. I know, I know, I’m a little late reporting it but in my defense, I’ve had A LOT going on! So here are a few of […]

A couple months ago I photographed my sister’s engagement photos, and this past weekend I hosted her bridal shower. Oh how time flies when you’re planning a wedding! Thuha’s wedding theme colors are Red, White, Pink, and Black; this made it so easy as all I had to do was think Valentine’s Day! We couldn’t […]

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