With such a scenic backdrop as our playground, we thought this would be a great opportunity for one of those epic hikes we’ve often talked about but have yet to follow through on. Dartanyon, always wanting to humor me, was fully prepared with his gaitors and hiking poles, minus the snowshoes. I snickered and thought […]

This past weekend, my boyfriend Dartanyon and I were able to spend a weekend together in the Methow Valley. Dartanyon loves weekend cabins and has read about the Rolling Huts in numerous architectural and design blogs. He was pretty excited when I booked our weekend getaway. What caught my attention was this article I read […]

Sew Inspired

April 21 , 2011 by Hong - in Inspiration

I’ve been nesting. It all started with the need to find the most perfect set of linen napkins. I searched high and low and after finding something that I absolutely adored but not willing to pay for the asking price, I decided that I was going to make my own. And sometimes, I even surprise […]

La Maison Rouge Photo Shoot

April 18 , 2011 by Hong - in Weddings

My baby sister is engaged! This past weekend we had a little photo shoot at her home, otherwise known as la Maison Rouge. Because their home defines their personalities to a tee, we didn’t have to go far for inspiration. You can read more about her humble abode here. Their beautiful Chow was a critical […]

Vera Wang: White

February 19 , 2011 by Hong - in Weddings

In our book, Vera Wang is the quintessential designer for wedding gowns. Her designs have defined brides for over two decades. Once only accessible by celebrities and those born with silver spoons, her designs are now made available to the masses because of a partnership with David’s Bridal. Everything Vera is illustrated in this collection. […]

We recently made our way to the City of Angels for a weekend celebrating families, traditions, vows and love. This was the wedding of Jessica and Stefan. The two were purposeful in choosing their wedding date to land on the day Stefan’s grandparents married 62 years earlier. It was evident that their role models had […]

We believe that any event can be made to feel beautiful and decadent with the proper planning, patience and execution. When it comes to weddings, especially destination weddings all the details can add up to years of debt! One of those details being flowers. Bridal bouquet, boutinerres, center pieces, corsages, aisle petals, so forth and […]

Victoria BC: Feeling Royal

January 04 , 2011 by Hong - in Places

Like many others around the world, we recently celebrated the joyous occasion of a New Year. The only difference is that we made a whole weekend of it! Around here our motto has always been celebrate all occasions and make sure you prolong the event for as long as possible!  Our occasion: Celebrating all the […]

Lisa + Cody: Rockin’ Chic

December 06 , 2010 by Hong - in Weddings

Here at SeasonsForCake, we love not only attending but mostly photographing weddings that are an extension of a young couples personality. This was indeed the case with Lisa + Cody. What would one expect from a guitarist of the refreshing  Seattle band, The Young Evils and his equally vibrant bride? How about a venue that […]

Sweet + Savory: Fran’s

October 02 , 2010 by Hong - in Favorites

Everyone has a favorite go to gift that is suitable for all occasions. Whether it be a birthday gift, holiday gift, or hostess gift, our favorite is Fran’s Gray Salt Caramels. These delicately wrapped morsels are unlike anything we’ve tasted before. There’s a subtle richness that allows for each ingredient to play a harmonious symphony […]

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